Full Disclosure (almost)...

I’m a freelance marketing communications guy and an affiliate marketer.

In the  old days (really old, old days) freelancers were hired to do the dirty work, like jobs that could get you captured,tortured, or killed Today, freelance marketing experts do many jobs to help prevent start-ups, small business, and authors from the agony of getting killed in the market place.

 I like to call what we do “Marcom” because “Marketing Communications” is such a mouthful and sounds a little pretentious. Still, it’s what we do.

Now affiliate marketing also requires marcom, but the nice people with whom I work do most of the heavy lifting. As an affiliate I am paid a  small commission for helping them market their programs, seminars,materials and books. And the beautiful part of this arrangement  is that it does not cost you one penny more with me in the middle for helping them help you with what they sell. We are all winners!

Freddy Freelancer

Come, meet my key affiliates up close...

This talented group of specialist can help you reach your goals as a start-up, small business or author.
And they can do it with free or low-cost marketing communications! Just click their pics to connect.
Do it now. It could change your life forever!


Chris Farrell, Internet Mktg. Expert

Mari Smith, Social Media Expert

Joan Stewart, Publicity & PR Expert


Mark Boker, Book Publisher Expert

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